A new agreement has been ratified by UNBC’S Faculty Association and the university.

It includes general wage increases of 2% per year.

“This agreement is historic,” said UNBC-FA President Dr. Paul Siakaluk.

“It compensates our members fairly and establishes a baseline for productive future relations between UNBC and the UNBC-FA. And we reached it through bargaining, not through an arbitrator’s award. We appreciate the work of UNBC’s leaders who rolled up their sleeves to reach a negotiated settlement with our union.”

“Upon becoming Interim President, one of the first calls I made was to my colleagues in the Faculty Association with a goal to rejuvenate our relationship and move forward under the principles of open communication and respect,” adds UNBC Interim President Dr. Geoffrey Payne.

The agreement is retroactive from July 1st, 2019, to June 30th of 2023.

The agreement covers nearly 500 faculty, including professors, instructors, lecturers, sessional lecturers, librarians and senior lab instructors.