The North District RCMP advises anyone living in the region to call it a snow day.

Over 30 centimetres has fallen in the northern capital over the past 48 hours.

“Driving is challenging at the best of times, never mind snow packed, winter stormy roads and my advice is certainly if you don’t have to be out travelling on the roads, stay home and plan for travel at another time,” says Cpl. Madonna Saunderson.

The message from the police is simple, if you don’t need to drive, stay off the roads since its been challenging week for motorists.

“Vehicles are getting stuck in the snow as they try and navigate through this, certainly haven’t seen reports of major crashes – we have had a couple over the past few days in Salmon Valley and Bear Lake and fortunately they did not get in any fatalities.”

Saunderson adds there is no point getting stuck on city streets and impeding the progress of road crews who are working 24/7 to clean our streets.

There has been no shortage of school bus cancellations in Prince George, Vanderhoof and the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District due to the volume of snow.