Ever thought about creating videos in an old bank vault?

Hubspace, a rental facility for work and innovation, is hoping to make this possible, designing a creative content space for local podcasters, gamers, YouTubers, and other forms of media.

Innovation Central Executive Director Matt Hutcheon says Hubspace, who operate out of the old Royal Bank building on 3rd and Quebec in Prince George, is hoping this will engage the community.

“We heard from some folks who had expressed an interest in that kind of space in the past. I’ve been working last couple weeks to just get the word out about the campaign and test the idea with folks. We had a booth at Northern FanCon, kind of talk to that audience, and the response has been overwhelming positive.”

He adds nearly $4,000 is the target number to purchase all of the necessary materials.

“Proper audio equipment, proper video equipment, big TVs, gaming consoles, comfy Furniture; we think all of these can get this up and running, gets the space converted, and get some of that activity launched. If we’re able to exceed that goal, then it’ll let us have more money to buy better audio and video equipment.”

The response from the community has been nothing but positive according to Hutcheon, who believes this will inspire both individuals and businesses to create and expand their own voice.

“We think it’s going to be a range from folks who want to stream their gaming, or folks who want to create a YouTube channel, or local organizations who maybe want to explore podcasting as a new medium to talk about things they’re up to in the community. We think there’s a neat opportunity for that too.”

For more information, or if you wish to make a donation to Hubspace, you can click here.