Anyone interested in tackling a full course load at UNBC will have to pay over $5200 next year.

The university’s Board of Governors approved a 2% hike in tuition fees this week for the 2017-18 academic year.

Vice-President of Business and Finance Operations Robert Knight says they’re continuing to improve financial aid.

“One of the things we try to do to help the students out is to raise more money for scholarships so that we can help students who otherwise might not be able to come here and get a top-notch education because they can’t afford the price so we try to provide more financial aid more money bursaries and scholarships.”

Knight says instructional costs are also rising.

“Often times it is priced in American dollars and that makes the impact of that magnified. So even though the vendors in those areas might be passing smaller increases because the loonie is weak against the US dollar and that’s really causing our prices to go up at a lot faster rate.”

Knight believes the increase is pretty typical for BC universities.

UNBC will operate with a budget of $91.3 million dollars next year.

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