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Elections BC gearing up for final count

Elections BC is gearing up for a final count to help clear up Tuesday’s BC Election.

Communications Manager, Andrew Watson explains how the process will work.

“Absentee ballots are counted up at what’s called a final count. The Election Act establishes timelines for when that happens but this election the final count will be held on May 22 – 24.”

Watson adds a number of scenarios help define what an absentee ballot is.

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“It could be someone who voted in a district electoral office, it also includes a mail-in ballot, ballots cast at special voting opportunities and also voters who voted during the advance polling period outside of their electoral district. All of those ballots, under those circumstances, get counted during the final count.”

It will take some time to get all the ballots sent to their locations.

“If you cast your ballot say in Prince George but you reside in Victoria of your ballot will be sent after the initial countdown to your riding of residence to be counted there during the final count so that’s where the time period between the initial count and final count comes into play.”

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