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PG-area could see temperatures 17 degrees above normal by the weekend

Bring out the sunscreen and water because it’s about to get hot here in Prince George.

A ridge of high-pressure will come over the area starting on Friday and will last well into next week with daytime highs Sunday and Monday predicted to reach 33 degrees.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Bobby Sekohn told it will feel a lot like summer.

“This ridge of high pressure will be building up across much of Western Canada and it’s going to bring temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees above normal but around the Prince George area it will actually be 17 degrees above normal.”

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“Some of the hottest air in BC will be located in the Central Interior.”

Sekohn adds a couple of temperature records could fall as a result.

The record highs for May 14th (Sunday) and 15th (Monday) are 30.6 and 27.8 degrees respectively.

Saturday’s daytime high of 29 degrees isn’t too shabby either but it will fall a little shy of record status.

“On the Saturday our record is 31.7 and right now we are forecasting a high of 29 degrees. So, the heat will still be building at this point on Saturday and it will be peaking into Sunday, Monday, and even into the Tuesday timeframe.”

“We’ve got a lot of heat coming and it’s early for this time of year and we are going to see temperatures into the low to mid-30s’ as our daytime highs and records will be broken around the province and Prince George will certainly be a good candidate for that,” added Sekohn.

He reminds residents to stay cool, drink lots of water, and to check on some of our most vulnerable during this time.

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