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Allowable annual cut level reduced for Mackenzie Timber Supply Area

BC’s Chief Forester has reduced the annual allowable cut (AAC) level for the Mackenzie Timber Supply Area (TSA).

The province says the new AAC for the Mackenzie Timber Supply Area is 2.39 million cubic metres, down from the previous 3 million.

The chief forester set the new determination as part of an overall harvest risk assessment with input received from the public, key stakeholders, local municipal leaders, the forest industry, and extensive consultation with First Nations in the TSA.

According to the Ministry of Forests, the new AAC considers forest health, climate change influences contributing to wildfire and drought, current and future spruce beetle infestation, old-growth management, species at risk, and wildlife habitat values.

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“Although it is beyond the scope of the chief forester’s authority to set forest practices to address these values and mitigate risks posed by wildfire and drought, these factors pose a significant risk to timber supply and the chief forester has recommended implementation instructions to assist sustainable harvest in the Mackenzie TSA,” the Ministry said in a release.

Under the Forest Act, the chief forester must determine the AAC in each of the province’s 37 timber supply areas and 33 tree farm licences at least once every ten years.

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