A non-profit organization in Vanderhoof is raising money for a good cause.

The Vanderhoof Community for Kids is hosting a raffle until the end of the month with the prize being a signed Brock Boeser jersey from the Vancouver Canucks.

Chair Michelle Roberge told My Nechako Valley Now the BC Children’s Hospital has come to the aid of many lives in the Vanderhoof area.

“The BC Children’s Hospital has touched a lot of families. In 2017, at least 70 families from the Vanderhoof-area accessed the facility.”

“A simple thank you doesn’t seem like quite enough. Every year we do some fundraising and is a way to give back. The families that come after ours will get the same or better services than we got when we were there. We usually hold a dinner and auction for the jersey every year in October but because of the pandemic we didn’t have our auction this year.”

She added the Children’s Hospital will always hold a special place in her heart.

“Two of my kids have spent plenty of time down there. They needed care right after birth and had surgeries when they were six and twelve days old, they are 13 and 11 now so that was a while ago but we still go down every year to see our surgeon and he is going to keep track of them until they are 18,” added Roberge.

The Community for Kids hopes to sell all one thousand tickets, to meet their fundraising goal of $5000.

Roberge would like to see everyone from the surrounding community participate.

“We decided to open this raffle up to the whole community and everybody has an equal chance of getting that jersey.”

“Vanderhoof is so generous all year long with not just our cause but with so many other causes for Vanderhoof sports teams and other fundraisers that are going on. Anything that we raise is positive.”

The draw will be held on the 28th at Streamline Signs.