The Independent Investigations Office of BC wrapped up an investigation into a police incident in Prince George.

The RCMP responded to a call just before noon on September 12th, where officers tried to arrest a male cyclist after witnessing a possible drug transaction.

Chief Civilian Director, Ron MacDonald outlined to MyNechakoValleyNow what happened after that when the suspect arrived at the CN rail yard.

“He made off with a bicycle and struck a boxcar of the railway striking his head and it was thought at the time that he suffered a serious injury to his head but further medical records showed the injury wasn’t that significant.”

He adds the man’s injury was easily treated with over the counter medication, eliminating the possibility of any wrongdoing by police

It was determined the injuries sustained did not meet the definition of serious harm under the Police Act.

“In this case, the police were diligent in providing us the information that this case may have been the type of case that involved harm because there was an injury to the head but in the end, as it turned out the injury wasn’t as significant as first thought.”