A little bit of everything will be in store for Vanderhoof residents this weekend when it comes to the weather.

In what’s looking like a showery day today (Friday), conditions should steadily improve the deeper we go into the weekend.

Greg Walters with Environment Canada details what we can expect for Saturday.

“It’s still going to be mainly cloudy with some scattered shower activity in the area with a little bit of fog in the morning and possibly a little bit of clearing overnight as that could certainly form by morning and the high for Saturday is still only about 16 degrees.”

He believes Sunday should be the best day out of the entire weekend.

“It’s not going to get that warm but we are looking at some sun in the forecast for Sunday, looking at highs getting up to around 18 degrees and it should be dry on Sunday as well.”

So why are seeing such unstable conditions this late in the summer?

“Well, we are looking at a trough of low-pressure pushing over the area, we’re not looking at a ridge to give us the hot weather that we often get this late into the summer so it does look unsettled for the next day or so but for Sunday and into next week, we’ll be seeing a return to sun.”