Cold and damp are the two best words to describe the month of July here in Vanderhoof.

The Nechako Valley saw the skies open up quite often during the early part of summer.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Louis Kohanyi spoke with

“The average temperature last month was around 15.3 degrees and the normal temperature for July was around 15.8. However, when we look at participation, we had 85.2 millimetres of rain, while the normal high is 62.1.”

Heading into August, the normal daily temperature is 15 degrees with over 51 millimetres of rain.

Kohanyi adds some showery activity sees the area already halfway through that total.

“So far, we have seen over 25.1 millimetres of rain in Prince George and the mean the temperature is around 15.1.”

Most of the rain occurred on Friday with 19mm falling.

Residents can expect a mostly dry week with the only wet day taking place on Thursday with a high of 15 degrees and showers.