The province has launched a new plan to make it easier for people in northern communities to utilize alternative forms of travel.

The project consulted communities including, Prince George, Smithers, and Terrace to develop a strategy creating more options that reduce pollution and lead to better health.

Spencer Chandra Herbert, Advisor to the Minister of Transportation, said the goal is to make it easier for people to choose options like biking and walking over driving a car.

“I spoke to people in Prince George where in some cases they will ride there bike to work, in another case they will snowshoe, and in another case, cross country ski. But in the other cases they said they could find no other way to get where they need to go actively.”

The plan will set aside funds communities can use to develop and improve things like crosswalks and bike lanes, giving people more options besides driving.

Herbert said they have also developed a universal guide all communities can use as a framework to improve their alternative travel routes.

“It’s a multi-year strategy that will be done in partnership with communities that people will start to see in the years ahead as new ways open up and pathways are made safer.”