It was the fifth driest year on record for the Prince George area according to Environment Canada.

As we wrap up 2018, over 471 millimetres of precipitation fell, the usual number is around 595.

This can be attributed to three very dry months, which began in April.

“It was the driest month ever with only 27 percent of normal precip that month and then there was August, which was another record-breaking month with only 16 percent of normal precipitation and then there was October where it was only 30 percent of normal,” said Jennifer Hay, Meteorologist.

It was also colder than normal when we look at the overall temperature.

Hay, a former PG resident, added even the overall temperature was a bit chillier than usual.

“Annually, usually, it is about 4.3 degrees for the entire year averaged out but this time it was 3.7 degrees so really it’s not that phenomenal of a record as it is 30th in our rank of records so a little colder than normal.”

The daily high for both Friday and Saturday will stay around minus one with a mix of sun and flurries.

It will get a bit chillier on Sunday with a predicted high of minus six degrees with the possibility of some snow.