Vanderhoof residents are calling on the provincial government to address housing.

The 2006 and 2011 Census found rental housing in Vanderhoof to be unaffordable. This is prompting residents to hold a meeting in an effort to make a change.

Nicole Robinson is leading the meeting, saying she has seen this issue effect many people in town.

“One woman I know, their company is talking about buying a house specifically for incoming employees,” explains Robinson.

“I’ve talked to [another] lady who stayed with friends and was forced into a mortgage that she didn’t want and couldn’t afford just to find someplace to be.”

The meeting is meant to create an affordable housing society. It will work towards convincing the Province to fund the creation of affordable housing for low- and middle-income families in Vanderhoof.

The District of Vanderhoof commissioned a report in 2014 stating “housing has become a critical impediment to those looking to move, or recruit people to Vanderhoof. It is also an issue for those who wish to stay and grow old in town.” The report was researched and written by the University of Northern BC’s Community Development Institute.

Robinson says this issue is near and dear to her.

“I am a single mother with no child support and two young boys but we only have two small bedrooms and the boys are in one together and as they grow older that will not be appropriate.”

The meeting is at 6pm Tuesday at the Integris Community Centre.