UNBC has cracked the top 3 in the Maclean’s Magazine university rankings for the 10th straight year.

Mount Allison finished first in the Undergraduate category followed by UNBC and Trent.

The post-secondary institution finished second only behind Mount Allison in the Undergraduate category.

“We’ve been in the top three for over a decade now and no other institution has been able to accomplish that. Mount Allison is an outstanding institution – they have been here a heck of a lot longer than we have and yet were always knocking on the door.”

Despite losing top spot, the school is no longer classified as a hidden gem. “We’re moving up in the reputational survey which tells me that we’re no longer the best-kept secret here in western Canada. In fact, people are taking notice it and once they begin to take notice across Canada then they take notice across the world,” says Daniel Weeks, UNBC President.

Weeks adds the school’s high standard comes down to one thing. “We offer a quality education here and it’s the quality of our faculty, those things together make graduates of high-quality that go on and have outstanding their careers.”

UNBC also placed first in three of the 14 categories, including the number of students who have won national awards.

The post-secondary institution also received top grades in two categories including the percentage of the library budget devoted to new acquisitions.

UNBC also ranked highly in the student to faculty ratio.

Students gave top marks for the mental health services available on campus along with the administrative staff, academic and the experiential learning opportunities.