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PG’s jobless mark stays at 3.8% in April

For the second consecutive month, PG’s unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%.

That’s according to the April Labour Force Survey from Stats Canada.

In terms of the number of people working, analyst Vince Ferrao told that the city has seen good progress over the past year.

“What we see is an employment number of 53,100 and if we compare this with a year ago, it’s a bit higher, because a year ago in April, it was 51,500.”

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“The rate held steady, employment is slightly higher than 12 months ago but steady compared to the previous month.”

BC continues to have one of the lowest jobless marks among all the provinces despite going up to 5.4% last month after it was 5.1 in March.

Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to a record-low 5.2 in April after adding 15-thousand jobs in various sectors.

Here is the breakdown by province:

  • Quebec 3.9%
  • Manitoba 5.0%
  • BC/Ontario 5.4%
  • Saskatchewan 5.5%
  • Alberta 5.9%
  • Nova Scotia 6.0%
  • New Brunswick 7.0%
  • Prince Edward Island 8.1%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 10.8%
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