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ICBC and authorities to tackle distracted driving

Be prepared to be a lot lighter in the wallet if you get caught with distracted driving.

Fines now start at $368 plus an additional four points for a first-time offence.

Spokesperson, Doug MacDonald has a few helpful tips when heading out.

“Put the cell phone away, put it in the glove box where you can’t get to it and wait until your destination before using your cell phone at that time, another one is if you’re with people in the vehicle and you need to use it pull over to the side of the road and then use your cellphone.”

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ICBC, the BC Government, and RCMP launched a month-long campaign this month.

Distracted Driving is responsible for one-quarter of fatal crashes in BC.

An average of 15 people die in distracted driving related crashes in the North Central region each year.

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