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More than 850k British Columbians behind on MSP payments

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the BC government to overhaul its Medical Service Premium (MSP) program.

Through a Freedom of Information Request, the group has found more than 850,000 MSP accounts are at least 30 days past due, equating to more than $460M in uncollected taxes.

“We’ve really hit a tipping point as far as the cost of MSP. It continues to go up every year by two or three times the rate of inflation.” Jordan Bateman, BC Director CTF said “It’s more than doubled since the Liberals took power. And when you have a $150 a month bill for a family, that’s a big chunk of money that a lot of people just don’t have.”

Batemen says MSP fees should be tied closer to what a person makes. Right now, anyone making more than $30,000 a year pays the same rate. He added the separate MSP collection infrastructure is costing the province unnecessary millions. BC is the only province with MSP premiums; every other funds health care through general revenue.

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“The fact I had to get this information through the freedom of information act tells you that this information is not readily available.” Bateman said “It should be analyzed and we should see if it really is accomplishing the goal government thinks it is. I suspect it’s not.”

With the provincial government set to table its budget next week, Bateman hopes at the very least, the BC Liberals freeze MSP rates in the upcoming provincial budget.

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