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Northern Health talks turkey

Northern Health is preaching safe Turkey preparation during Christmas.

Environmental Health Officer, Alicia Parayno says certain groups of people are more prone to becoming ill from uncooked Turkey.

“Consuming undercooked turkey is a particular concern for children, elderly and pregnant women as they are more likely to become ill in a more severe form.”

If you purchase a fresh turkey it needs to be refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius or colder and should be cooked within two or three days of purchase.

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If the turkey is frozen it can be thawed safely in the fridge or under cold running water.

Parayno adds there is only one way to check if your bird is ready to be served.

“The only way to check is to use a thermometer for the temperature of the turkey. Both the turkey and stuffing must be 75 degrees Celsius to be safe to eat.

In 2006, a Quebec study showed a third of all raw turkeys tested positive for Salmonella.

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