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Metformin to be tested as anti-aging drug in 2016

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease may got some help in the near future.

Human trials will begin next winter in the U.S. to see if Metformin can be used as an anti-aging drug.

Scientific Director for the American Federation for Aging Research, Dr. Stephen Austad says the drug has a history of being safe and affordable.

“The really nice thing about this drug is it’s 50 year history of excellent safety and is very inexpensive.”

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If successful, Metformin could also kick some of the major diseases to the curb.

“This made us think it could possibly be a drug that slows down the aging process for pretty much all the diseases of aging like Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Osteoporosis.”

The drug is already available in Canada for people who are diabetic and costs as little as 25 cents per day.

Trials will take place over a 5 year period focusing on people in their 70’s and 80’s and will try and monitor the number of heart attacks and other medical issues that arise.

If successful, it would mean a person in their 70’s could be as biologically healthy as a 50 year old and could see humans live into their 120’s.

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