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Rising housing costs putting a damper on expanding BC families

It seems as if having kids is becoming more of a luxury in BC. Editor, Penelope Graham says according to their latest survey one thing is standing in the way.

“64.5% of people in British Columbia said real estate prices are affecting their ability to expand their family.

Graham adds millennial’s are in a unique situation compared to other generations.

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“They have taken on more student debt than any other generation in history and they are facing incredibly high housing costs. For them to break into the housing market and start their family comes at a much steeper cost.”

Their latest poll also uncovered an interesting fact.

“Over 40% said they would have one parent stay home full-time in order to provide childcare. To some people it’s cheaper to forgo earning a second income in a dual-parent household in order to provide that which is quite eye-opening.”

Only 8 percent of BC residents say child care costs are reasonable.

Three quarters of all BC families feel family life is harder here than in other parts of Canada.

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