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Local hall excited to see volunteer firefighter tax credit double in 2024

Next year’s tax season will be one to look forward to if you are a volunteer firefighter.

The federal government has announced the Volunteer Firefighter and Search and Rescue Tax Credit will double next year, and those eligible will be able to claim $6,000 on their income tax.

“It helps the people out, that’s for sure. It shows our people the government is thinking about us, at least a little bit,” Bruce Perrin, the Beaverly Fire/Rescue Chief told My PG Now. “Ours is a totally volunteer department, we are not paid on call – nobody here gets paid at all. A lot of the departments are that way.”

Perrin also thinks the increased credit could catch the eye of some people who were already considering joining a volunteer hall, which comes at a great time.

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“[Volunteer firefighting] is barely hanging on in a lot of places,” Perrin said – noting the Beaverly Hall is doing alright, currently with 21 members.

The hall covers fires in a rough 13 kilometer radius, and a rescue service that extends as far as Bednesti, Blackwater, and Miworth.

Perrin’s hall also responds to wildfire deployments – he called on local businesses that employ volunteer firefighters to consider allowing, and compensating, their employees who are on deployment in emergency situations instead of at their 9-5 job.

“If there is a major structure fire or wildfire during the day, it is the worst time for us because everyone is in town working,” he added. “The other departments around us have the same problem. If businesses could let people go if there is a major call, that would be really helpful.”

There are 12 volunteer fire halls in the Regional District of Fraser Fort George.

You can find all those halls and learn more about volunteer firefighting here.

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