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Eager Easter drivers asked to stay alert this weekend

The Easter long weekend begins today, and ICBC is once again reminding commuters taking advantage of the Spring weather to stay alert.

Road Safety Coordinator Doug MacDonald says for Highway travellers, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly maintenanced.

“We’re starting to see a lot more people out on the road; changing over the winter tires and putting on the summer tires, but we’re still getting weather that’s kind of in-between, so we’re getting a little more rain, and we’re still getting a little more freezing at night. We love it in the North to travel, go to do outdoor things, and go visit family.”

According to ICBC, an average of 20 people are injured in 130 crashes in North Central BC during Easter; in BC as a whole, four people are killed out of an average of 2,300 incidents.

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MacDonald says seeing those statistics isn’t surprising, but it is also not acceptable.

“When we look at long weekends, we tend to see a rise in the increase of vehicles that are out on the roadway in this type of accidents and incidents involving injury.”

He adds one of the biggest causes of highway crashes this time of year is a driver’s lack of awareness at the wheel.

“That’s one of the big things! When you’re out there driving, make sure you give yourself a break every couple hours; pull over the side of the road where it’s safe to do so, check your messages at that time, and phone your loved ones let them know where you are on the roadway.”

He recommends getting a good night sleep before starting any kind of road trip and to always leave the phone alone while driving, or have your passenger answer a call or text message.

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