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BC Government Funds MRI Strategy

The Provincial Government is trying to cut wait times for MRI Scans in BC Hospitals.

On Wednesday the province introduced a new MRI Strategy aimed at increasing the number scans by 45% over the next 4 years.

“MRI’s are an important diagnostic tool to decide whether someone needs surgery, or if in fact they don’t need surgery.” said Health Minister Terry Lake.

According to Lake, patients in Hospitals across the province are faced with unreasonably long wait times.

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“These are expensive diagnostic equipment that is sitting in hospitals for the most part and often, after hours and on the weekends, they’re not being used.” said Lake. “So we’re asking Health authorities to look at increasing the number of hours that the scanners are being used.”

The 4 year plan will see an additional 20 million dollars in funding for MRI’s across the province.

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