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ICBC overhauls driver licensing and claims services by going online

Thanks to some improvements from ICBC, checking wait times at driver licensing offices or the status of your claim can now be done online.

Spokesperson Adam Grossman says over 1.2 million customers completed transactions at these offices last year, a number Grossman doesn’t see changing.

“I think the number of transactions that are done would probably stay pretty stable, customers come in when they need to do a renewal or apply for a new license but I think what this does is greatly improve the customer experience.”

“For example, we have customers who try and fit in a visit to one of our offices over their lunch break or before the workday begins so now with the new service they can see if that’s a realistic time for them.”

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Grossman adds a couple of other tidbits can also be accessed.

“They can also see where their vehicle is at and whether it’s being held at an ICBC facility or being estimated to review the vehicle or whether it’s already at the repair shop.”

Since the new service was introduced, 355,000 online driving records and 112,000 claims history letters have been completed.

Over 20,000 claim status checks have also been performed.

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