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Environment Canada says winter not yet over in PG even with spring-like conditions on tap

Despite the balmy temperatures anticipated for Prince George, Environment Canada isn’t ready to declare winter over in our area.

From now until next Wednesday, daily highs are slated to bounce between plus five and nine degrees.

Meteorologist, Bobby Sekohn told Vista Radio this time of the year can see a little bit of everything in terms of conditions.

“We can still get cold snaps and even snowfall in the spring. Of course, we are in March right now but these things will happen well into April as well.”

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“Spring as we know is a transition season between winter and summer and we can still get those cold snaps happening. I wouldn’t count those types of cold snaps out quite yet but certainly, you can enjoy the warmer weather coming up here.”

Sekohn adds with the temperatures on the horizon, residents should watch out for the potential of water pooling on city streets.

“When we start to get these temperatures that are well above freezing we can start to see that snow melt in areas we could see some urban flooding and also with temperatures remaining below freezing overnight, we could see that freeze-thaw cycle.”

“We’ll have to watch the rivers as well to see ice breaker or ice jamming season and that kind of flooding as well. There are lots of hazards that are possible in the spring,” added Sekohn.

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