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Elections BC reviewing campaign financing disclosure statements from Williams Lake Mayoral Race

Williams Lake mayoral candidates were challenged by Councillor Scott Nelson to release their checks and donations from donors and deposits.

The buzz began on social media where Nelson began looking for transparency from the candidates on if company money was not only used for their campaign, but signed under a different name rather than the company.

He made the post on social media, due to questions about the rumors from some community members.

As of right now, Nelson says that three candidates have said they’d release their checks and donations, except one.

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“If you’ve deposited corporate checks into your account, and you put people’s names on the personal disclosure forms, be up front with the community and tell us what you’ve done.” says Nelson

“I think that’s really what the community’s asking at this point in time. The only one that hasn’t answered has been Mayor Rathor.”

Mayor Rathor has heard about the post and the challenge proposed, and says he won’t answer Nelson.

“Whenever any question comes from an authority, I will address it.” says Rathor

“Election BC is the authority, and we are complying, we are in compliance with every question, every concern raised by Election BC.”

Rathor followed up by saying that he has not taken any money from any company.

Rathor has made his own accusations towards Nelson, in regards to going above the amount of personal money that can be put towards a campaign.

He says Nelson can’t contribute more than $2500 unless you’re endorsed by an organization.

Nelson responded by saying you can go to a maximum of $6000, but can only use your own funds, and can only accept up to $1250 from one individual.

Elections BC has confirmed they’re aware of allegations made surrounding the Mayoral election in Williams Lake.

In a statement from Elections BC, they say “We are reviewing the campaign financing disclosure statements submitted by candidates in William’s Lake.”

“Our review is ongoing and we have not made any determination on whether or not a violation of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA) has occurred.”

Elections BC added that If a violation does occur, it could result in an administrative monetary penalty.

Files by Zachary Barrowcliff, My Cariboo Now

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