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Wells Team Canada Wingsuiter learning to soar again after serious injury

A Go Fund Page has been set up for a Wells woman who suffered a serious injury speed flying in Kamloops.

Katelyn “Compton” Escott, a member of the Canadian Wingsuit Team, said on January 16th she had a good, safe launch and flight, and when she came into land, she misjudged what was happening with the wind.

“I did a 180-degree turn into the land, which some could reference as a higher performance type of landing to do a big turn prior to the landing portion and I should have been doing my turn a little bit higher. So I was a little bit too close to the ground and my wing didn’t have the time to finish its natural recovery arc and so I hit the ground going quite fast at the end of my turn.”

Escott said she was conscious the entire time, she didn’t tumble or hit her head.

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“I hit the ground in the seated position that you’re in those types of harnesses. I broke my spine on impact. I hit the ground, bounced, and then hit a second time and that’s where I stayed with feet out in front of me and I was supporting my upper body with my arms.”

She said she had two friends with her in the landing area who called 9-1-1 and they helped support her until the ambulance arrived.

According to her Go Fund Me Page Escott was immediately flown to Vancouver where she underwent a successful ten-hour surgery to remove fragments of her spine from the protective casing around her spinal cord.

“I was released from Vancouver General Spinal Unit two weeks after my operation and transferred to the Rehabilitation Centre.” Escott said, “My plan going forward is to get back to, as close I can to the same function level I was prior to my injury although I do have a spinal cord injury so there will be some lasting damages it’s just a bit early to know now what exactly what that will be.”

While at the Rehabilitation Centre Escott said she’ll relearn how to do more normal everyday stuff like cooking, doing laundry, brushing her teeth, and having a shower, basic things to take care of herself.

“I do have a pretty good support system I feel very grateful and thankful and appreciative of all those people in my life.”

with files from Pat Matthews, My Cariboo Now staff

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