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Fort Saint James Care and Learning Centre joining $10-a-day child care program

Over 140 childcare spaces in the Prince George-Vanderhoof area now fall under the province’s $10-a-day program.

Lynette Mikalishen of the YMCA of Northern BC told Vista Radio 134 of those approved spaces are for their Lac du Bois and Fort Saint James Care and Learning Centre, which will make a huge difference for families.

“And that is life-changing for some of those families. For some of them, the cost of living has gone sky high and it’s a matter of a car payment and so many things – whether or not their child can stay in swimming lessons or skating.”

“Many of these families would have been paying over $1,000 a month for childcare – this is a big deal especially prior to some of the reductions that happened in December by the province. So, lots of times it’s a matter of whether people can afford to go back to work when you have to pay for child care.”

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She added due to the fierce demand for spots, the earlier you get on a waiting list, the better.

“We tell people that if you are even considering having a baby to get on the waitlist. It’s so stressful for parents to try and find childcare right now. Anything that we can do to add spaces is huge.”

In addition, eight infant-toddler spaces at PG’s Elizabeth Fry Family Centre have also been approved for the $10-a-day model.

According to the province, this will save families approximately $800 a month.

A link to the news release can be found here.

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