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How much are you paying to keep your pets cool this summer?

A new study from BC Hydro says many British Columbians are paying much more to keep their pets cool than you might think.

About one third of residents in the province are spending $300 a summer on AC for their pets, even when no people are at home.

Further, three quarters of people who have AC in the province leave it running for their pets while they are at work, or out of the house.

Susie Rieder, a BC Hydro Spokesperson, said “one thing you can do that is low cost is to use a ceiling fan, or just a regular fan as well costs you about $7 over the course of a summer opposed to that $300 for a central AC.”

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BC Hydro also says there are $11,000 in rebates available for installing a heat pump, which pumps heat out in the summer and heat in for the winter, and are more environmentally friendly than gas powered systems.

For more tips and information on keeping pets comfortable in the August heat, click here.

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