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Canadian Transportation Agency determines Flair Airlines is Canadian

Flair Airlines has been determined as Canadian after the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) investigated the company after some concerns related to one of their shareholders and aircraft leases.

777 has members sitting on the board of directors for Flair Airlines, and also gave Flair financing, as well as leased planes to them.

“The situation that we have been through in the last two months is going through is going through with the CTA all the concerns that they raised with us about our position,” said President and CEO of Flair Airlines Stephen Jones.

Jones said they made some changes to their company, and will be getting more aircraft leases from companies other than 777.

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When Jones was asked about consumers being wary of the company, he said the CTA determined that Flair was Canadian, and that concerns where created by competing organizations.

“Consumers can take great confidence on the back of the CTA that Flair is a Canadian airline, and so that uncertainty, which has been played on, I think, disingenuously by many of the other competitors, has been played on, and created that uncertainty in consumers minds.”

He noted that they’re also having sale.

“Which will be 50% off all Flair fairs from today, for 48 hours, for all flights between now and the 23rd of June.”

Flair offers seasonal flights from Prince George to Tucson, Arizona during the winter, as well as direct flights from Prince George to Edmonton.

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