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Cardboard collection pilot project to start in March

The Nechako Valley Community Services are organizing a pilot program to collect cardboard from homes all across Vanderhoof.

This is in response to the ban on the material at the local transfer station and spokesperson Trinda Elwert hopes this will draw public interest.

“If it’s successful, we would like to add additional materials in 2018, where you’d be looking at paper and maybe some plastics, but we just decided to start with cardboard.”

Set to begin in March, Elwert says this is part of the waste reduction initiative and will be care to anyone who wants to sign up.

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“If you live on the southside of the river, it corresponds with your garbage day, so Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; then we also on Mondays are doing the north side of the river, but just a small section.”

Data will be calculated as early as June with hopes of expansion to paper and plastic by 2018, but Elwert adds they’re not sure at this time on future funding when the trial is over.

“One of the biggest things we heard for feedback regarding the cardboard ban by the regional district was that there are people who don’t have the ability to get their cardboard up to the transfer station. So this program kind of helps with that.”

If you wish to get involved and have your cardboard removed, you can click here.

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