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BC Hydro aims to help residents find the best way to reduce emissions

Almost 50% of BC residents believe solar energy is the cleanest source of electricity.

That’s according to a BC Hydro report that hopes to teach people a better way to reduce their carbon footprint.

The report found 40% of residents looking to reduce emissions would choose to install solar panels over buying an electric car or heat pump.

“Switching the power source for your home in BC means that you are replacing one source of clean electricity with another source of clean electricity,” said Simi Heer, BC Hydro spokesperson.

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Heer said hydroelectricity is already clean energy, and a much more effective way to fight climate change would be to switch to an electric vehicle or to replace your gas furnace with a heat pump.

“We are working to improve carbon literacy for our customers. There’s an opportunity to raise awareness about how electricity is generated in B.C. so people can make wise choices and invest their money into technology that will have the biggest impact.”

According to BC Hydro, electric vehicles could reduce fuel costs by about 80%, and a heat pump could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a home by up to two tonnes a year.

The report also found that about 45% of people saw solar energy as the cleanest, around 23% said hydroelectricity, 22% said wind, and 10% said nuclear.

Close to 15% of BC residents thought that their power came from a dirty source like coal.

BC Hydro said about 98% of power in the province is generated from a clean or renewable resource.

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