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Avalanche rescue story sharing lessons for all backcountry users

Avalanche Canada is sharing the story of an incredible backcountry rescue through a new interactive website.

In March 2013, three skiers were buried in an avalanche in an area called Cherry Bowl (near Shames Mountain, BC, about 35 kilometres west of Terrace). Four nearby skiers acted quickly and saved those buried from certain death.

A film crew recorded interviews and turn the survivor’s and the rescuer’s stories into a video. Avalanche Canada’s Mary Clayton hopes this story inspires people to learn more about safety and keep training.

“If anything, learning from this story is the importance of knowing how to perform a good rescue in the backcountry and keeping those skills well practised.”

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Clayton hopes a quick web visit can better prepare you for your next trip.

“Along with the video, you’ll be able to scroll down each chapter and look at different aspects of what happened that day, different aspects of backcountry rescue, and different aspects of avalanche awareness.”

You can see the website here.

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