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Vanderhoof still searching for skateboard park location

The District of Vanderhoof is continuing its search for a site for a proposed skate board park .

The Nechako Lake School District politely declined a proposal to have the park situated on its property.

Seven options were suggested in a report from Spectrum Skateparks last year, but those have now been whittled down to just two; a piece of land near where the Aquatic Centre is going and Ferland Park – an idea which has polarized the community.

“The thing that we know very clearly is that we have to build a skateboard park.” said Mayor Gerry Thiessen “Right now if you don’t have one, what happens is your entire community becomes the skateboard park.”

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Thiessen says he hopes more options surface, but that they will not be rushing anything.

“I know there’s some people that still feel they would like to see construction happen this year. I think it’s more important that this is done correctly, rather than in a certain time frame.”

The Mayor adds that they are still a long ways from making any decisions, and that there is plenty of public engagement still to come on the topic. He’s hoping to nail down a timeline in 3-4 months.

“We really want to see this skateboard park be a real positive part in our community.”

Thiessen says the best location would be “bright and open” which attracts young people, families and everyone else in an accessible way.

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