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Take a ride in “Grumpy” at next weekend’s Vanderhoof International Airshow

Next weekend’s Vanderhoof International Airshow will feature some of the biggest and oldest warbirds “on the continent.”

Organizer Tom Bulmer is preparing showgoers for the kinds of planes that will take to the sky.

“We have got some of the best warbirds on the North American continent coming here this year. We have the P-38, we have another fighter plane, the Corsair, is coming, we have the Catalina it’s an amphibious aircraft that was used in the war as well,” he says, and that’s just naming a few.

You can enjoy Saturday’s show from the ground, or on Thursday, get inside the plane Bulmer is most excited for: “Grumpy,” a B-25 Mitchell Bomber.

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“Once he’s on static, we’re going to try and let everyone know so people can come and crawl through the plane and have a look at it. It’s a big attraction usually wherever he lands and then (Thursday) we’ll be setting up (air) rides.”

Those rides are a half hour in the sky, and will cost you $495 American dollars.

There will also be a bike show, dinner, and dance on Saturday as well. Admission to the airport is $5 and all proceeds will go to the Nechako Valley Search and Rescue.

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