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Vanderhoof shouldn’t expect a serious bump at the pump

As the weather gets nicer and invites us outside, gas prices tend to do the exact opposite.

Southern parts of the Province are expecting a jump in gas prices, some as high as 5 cents per litre.

Luckily, Petroleum Analyst McTeague says the Northwest already had its bump and says prices should stay pretty steady for now.

“The only increase could happen on the retail side. I don’t see anything happening just yet on the wholesale side, much of the same way, I think, we can expect it to drive prices from 113 or 115.9 in Metro Vancouver up to, say, 118.9 likely by this time next week,” he says.

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The increase is due to a National mandate for more summer-appropriate gasoline, which comes into effect on April 1st.

On Tuesday, The cheapest gas in Smithers is hovering around 99 cents per litre.

The cheapest gas in Prince George it’s about 90 cents per litre, in Vancouver it’s 114 cents per litre.

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