The BC Wildfire Service has responded to 48 fires within the Prince George Fire Centre since April 1st.

According to them, all appear to human-caused, which has led to a public reminder to exercise caution while outdoors.

This is especially true with the hot and dry conditions expected to stick around says Fire Information Officer Amanda Reynolds.

“In the past week and in the week moving forward, we are anticipating another week of hot and dry weather in the forecast for the entire Prince George Fire Centre and could lead to increased fires so we’re just asking the public to be extra cautious with any fire use and to report any smoke or wildfires.”

She adds the early volume of fires within the local fire centre is disappointing, to say the least.

“Every single one of those fires was preventable as they divert valuable resources for natural resource fires including those that are sparked by lightning. With northeast BC experiencing unseasonably dry and windy conditions forests and grasslands are susceptible to wildfires.”

“The public needs to be extra cautious and if you’re having a campfire you need to ensure that you have a tool onsite, making sure you have removed debris from the area and always making sure you have water on site to properly extinguish the fire.”

Anyone wishing to do a Category 3 burn will need the proper paperwork to carry it out.

If you conducted a Category 2 or 3 open burn last year should check the burn site to ensure the fire was put out.

Campfires need to be a half-a-metre high by a half-metre wide.