The Spruce City Wildlife Association is holding its 25th annual wild game banquet and fundraiser.

All money raised will stay in Prince George and be used towards conservation projects.

Over the past year, donations have funded projects like the raising of Chinook salmon fry released into the Nechako River, a rainbow trout release at Shane Lake, ungulate enhancement, and restoration work at the Lower Mud River Recreation site.

Steve Hamilton, President of SCWA, says this years guess speaker is mark hall, a hunter conservationist.

“He’s going to be speaking on, basically, the state of fish and wildlife habitat in British Columbia. The take away message we want to come out is that everyone needs to get involved to make sure there is fish and wildlife habitat in the future.”

It’s not s surprise there has been a major decline to the wildlife in our backyard.

“Moose are declining up to 70 per cent in some areas,” says Martin. “Salmon in our area is a species of concern, which means they are close to going extirpated. Some of our creeks around here have no salmon in them, we weren’t able to catch our broodstock in local creeks and rivers, we had to go down to Quesnel to get the fish for our hatcheries.”

Martin says we need people to step up, get involved, and give back because with the amount of hunters there are we could wipe out what’s left in our backyards.

The event takes place in the Civic Centre at 5:30 until midnight.