It’s time to spring forward one hour tonight for Daylight Savings.

Clocks need to be set ahead at 2am for the change.

This means people may feel a bit groggy waking up Sunday morning because our bodies are adjusting to the change.

Doug MacDonald, ICBC Spokesperson, says 34 per cent of BC drivers admit the time change effects them.

“We need to make sure the fact we are really cautious of our driving behaviours, plus watch out for other people. We talk about how this effects drivers, it also effects people that would be out there walking and those out running. Make sure you give yourself some extra time to get to where you are going.”

The best thing to do when trying to beat the clock and adjust to the change is by going to be an hour earlier.

“Keep that in mind for those who are driving to work Monday morning. It’s important to remember the fact you’re going to be getting up and it’s going to be as light as it has been over the last few weeks.”

Also at this time of year it’s a good idea to check if your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries need replacing.