Mcleans magazine came out with the highest and lowest graduation rates at Canadian universities.

The study tracked undergraduates students to determine if they received a degree within a seven year span.

Out of 49 schools UNBC sits at 44 with a graduation rate of 56.5 per cent.

Provost and Vice President Academic Dan Ryan says the reason for the low ranking is because UNBC is considered a stepping stone for students.

“Some students use UNBC as a way to go to their next degree or to go to a different institution because we don’t have the programming. So they may not be captured graduation rates it’s still a success for those students because they have successfully moved along their path.”

Ryan says this isn’t reflective of their graduation rates, but actually might be something that helps a student in the long run.

But these numbers don’t show a full picture of how the school is actually doing.

“Over the past five or six years our graduation rates have continually increased from 50 per cent to where they are now. We have targets, we would like to get that up to 70 or 80 per cent in terms of our graduation rates.”

Ryan also wanted to stress that when you compare to other schools in metro cities graduation rates will be lower compared to rural because it’s a different dynamic.