Property owners impacted by the summer wildfires in Northern BC and the Cariboo need to be aware of any changes to their property assessments for next year according to BC Assessment

The group is reaching out those who were affected by the blazes, which includes 200 properties to this point.

“What we’re doing is determining what has been effected on the property, what sort of land damage has occurred, what kind of damage to any buildings on the property and we’re taking that into account when we’re heading assessments for the 2018 roll,” says Jarret Krantz, Deputy Assessor.

He adds it took a while for business to come around and report the damage.

“Probably the most difficult part for was for people to know to reach out to us, once we’ve identified the properties and once we eat we sent out letters to properties that we thought might have been affected the response has been really good and positive.”

BC Assessment received information from the BC Wildfire Service on the location of all the fires, which led to identifying more properties that may have been affected as a result.

A video link can be found here.