Changes to Canada’s wireless code from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) are aimed at preventing surprises on your cellphone bills.

According to the update, new smart phones will come to consumers unlocked.

The new rules explain the following:

  • Plain language must be used within contracts
  • Service providers must give permanent electronic or paper copy of said contract by customer’s choice
  • Contract must clearly state minimum monthly charges, along with optional charges
  • Internal tools must be clear for customers to determine how much data is being used, plus potential roaming costs

This is also said to prevent teens from accepting additional charges for going over their data.

The CRTC also introduced a 15-day trial period for cellphone packages, which they can cancel if the phone is in good condition, and if they haven’t exceeded 50% of their monthly data use.

A 2016 CRTC survey says about one-third of wireless bill complaints involved misleading contracts and data overage charges.