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BC AdventureSmart is hosting multiple information and training workshops across the province in an effort to cut down on the number and severity of search and rescue incidents in B.C.

Vanderhoof will host one of these sessions, bringing awareness in the north.

“We have 12 different search and rescue regions and this region is one we want to spend some time in, leave a little bit of information behind, and train some new people in the area so that the safety message can spread through schools and outdoor groups, and to the community,” says Provincial Coordinator Sandra Riches.

Presenters will range from community members to search and rescue volunteers.

Anyone interested in outdoor safety and public education is being welcomed by AdventureSmart to be involved, since it’s more than just another information session.

“We are training other presenters,” Riches explains.

“So we are coming to increase the awareness in the community but we are also leaving a little bit of a legacy behind.”

The event is December 3rd.

It is free to attend but to reserve a ticket, click here.