Remembrance Day long weekend is here and most people might be planning to take a road trip.

At this time of year the roads can be slippery and conditions can change quickly.

There are a couple of things to be aware of before heading out this long weekend ICBC Road Safety Coordinator Doug MacDonald says.

“One of the big things of course this time of year is make sure you do have those winter tires on because they do make a big difference when it comes to handling on the highways and on city roads as well. One of the things people need to also make sure is their vehicle is in good shape to be driving this time of year.”

MacDonald also wants to stress an important thing most don’t think about.

“When people are going to be travelling this weekend, going to visit family, it’s important to remember the fact to give themselves enough time to get to where they’re going.”

He adds road conditions play a big factor in that and to be prepared for conditions ranging from icy to slushy.

Other tips for a safe drive are to bring a first aid kit, food, blankets and avoid texting and driving.