The Ministry of Education is investing $200,000 to support new and existing professional learning opportunities for education leaders across the province.

As many experienced teachers are approaching retirement the government has decided to step in to recruit and train replacements and manage the hand-over process.

The ministry has teamed up with a variety of schools associations to create a Leadership Development Framework in the K-12 system that allows student, educators and school communities to learn the skills needed for educational leadership.

Minister of Education Rob Fleming said in a statement:

“In order to ensure that students have the quality education they deserve, we are dedicated to developing the leaders of the education system. This investment and collaboration will directly enhance the educational experience of BC students and prepare them even better for future success.”

The framework organization has over 3,500 members that can provide training programs to support professional development.

It’s not yet known how much money or how many members will be provided to SD91.