UNBC students made a call for social justice and inclusion Monday morning during a rally for equality in diversity.

This comes after neo-nazi posters appeared for a second time in three months across the campus last week, including the student dorm rooms, the main building, the bus stop, and the gymnasium.

The signs were eventually taken down, mostly by students, and rally organizer Hira Rashid says she’s not entirely surprised the post-secondary school was targeted.

“The University of Alberta was targeted, UBC was also targeted, and I think in New Westminster they were just in the public. So I’m not surprised, but I am surprised in a way that being such a small but strong campus that we had to see something so hateful.”

Rashid believes it’s important to address these issues in the community to ensure everyone feels loved, welcomed, and respected.

She adds hosting rallies are great, but people are ultimately the solution.

“If you’re walking by and you see a racist encounter, a sexist encounter, or a homophobic encounter, be that person to shut it down. It doesn’t have to be getting into a fight or a verbal argument, it could just be saying ‘Hey, that’s not okay.’ Start with your own personal life and then make it bigger.”

UNBC President Dr. Daniel Weeks spoke at the rally, along with dozens of students.

In a statement, Dr. Weeks says messages of hatred do not reflect the values of the school, or the entire region of Northern BC.

“We are a community that values social and cultural diversity. We welcome people from all walks of life, from scores of different countries, from all manner of faith, and from all sexual orientations. That is what makes our community strong. That is what helps us provide and share a vibrant and positive learning environment.”

White supremacist posters were also found at the College of New Caledonia (CNC).