The BC Government is raising a glass to the province’s 140 craft breweries by proclaiming October BC Craft Beer Month.

Prince George is no stranger to local brew whether it’s places like Pacific Western Brewing who have been around since 1957 or newer establishments like CrossRoads or Trench Brewing.

A buy-local attitude from consumers is a major part of the industry’s success. “What we’re seeing Is people wanting to purchase more local options when it comes to their beverage selection and when local breweries make beer that gives people the option to do so I think it’s a good thing,” says Bjorn Butow, CrossRoads co-owner and Business Manager.

Events like Kiwanis Alefest is another reason why people are buying more local products when it comes to beer.

Butow adds having three facilities of this kind is a very good thing. “I think the market will definitely bare CrossRoads our friend’s Trench as they proceed to open up. I think once we have a couple breweries in this town along with the big brewery in PWB I think it’ll be a reasonable amount of breweries to be successful.”

“I think the demand is there and people are looking for that option so they can get a better product locally to support industries that put money back into the community.”

The craft beer industry in the province has seen tremendous growth since 2010 going from 54 breweries to over 140 in 2017.

Butow hopes people ask what local options are available when they dine out at their favourite restaurant or pub to help keep the momentum of the province’s craft beer sector going.

“Places like the Copper Pig and Nancy O’s have been doing this for a while where they source local food from farmers, that’s a great thing. Go to your local pub or restaurant and you want to drink something you should ask ‘what is the local option?’ I think that would really help spur on the industry and give places like us the opportunity to continue.”

The industry employs over 4,000 people.

BC Craft Beer month is highlighted by the Craft Brewers conference in Vancouver, which is set for October 20th.