University of Northern British Columbia researcher Dr. Sarah de Leeuw has been named to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

Dr. de Leeuw, a Northern Medical Program and Geography Program associate professor, is one of 70 researchers selected from across Canada.

“It’s pretty exciting to be perfectly honest.” Says Dr. de Leeuw. “When I heard the news I thought about queens and princesses and nice little hats, and then I realized this is a very serious scholarly honour!”

She will be inducted at the Royal Society of Canada’s Celebration of Excellence weekend in November.

Medical humanities and determinants of marginalized peoples’ health are the areas of interest for Dr. de Leeuw.

“Most people know that medicine and health involves both the arts and the sciences, and I’m kind of the ‘art’ of health and medicine.”

Dr. de Leeuw is the third UNBC professor to be named to the RSC. She joins Professor Emeritus of Political Science Alex Michalos and Associate Professor of History Dana Wessell Lightfoot.

“I actually worked with Dr. Michalos when I was here as a masters student…” Dr. de Leeuw says. “To know that I’m following in some tiny way in the huge footsteps that he’s left, it kinda makes me just blush right down to my toes.”

The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists is one of four entities of the RSC. The others are: the Academy of the Arts and Humanities, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Academy of Science.