According to the BC Wildfire Service, there have been 1,236 blazes burning in our province since April 1st.

Nine new fires started on Sunday, bringing the current total to almost 170.

“Those fires have burned an estimated 1,169,126 hectares of land, and the estimated cost to date is $499.4 million,” says Chief Fire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek.

He adds the weather forecast is calling for cooler temperatures in key areas, which could be a big help to more than 3,000 firefighters, including the 261 from out-of-province.

“We’re seeing showers kind of creeping further south, and likely higher humidities is as well, so beneficial across the board from a firefighting standpoint, but we’ll just have to keep a close eye on where that rain falls, if indeed it comes, and where that happens.”

Skrepnek believes the worst of the season is over and full recovery initiatives will start to be the main focus moving forward.

The Plateau wildfire continues to be the largest on record at more than 521,000 hectares and still remains in a static state.